The schedule for Madison Ruby 2011

Posted at 8:23 | 19 Sep. 2020

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The schedule for Madison Ruby 2011

Madison Ruby was a great annual conference in Wisconsin, enjoy a look at the schedule from the conference occurring this week nine years ago!


DHH on hunting for great names in programming (2016)

This week four years ago saw DHH publish a very thought-provoking blog post on one of the trickiest topics in programming: naming

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String literals will be immutable in Ruby 3 (2015)

Ruby 3 ain't here yet, but this week five years ago we saw the announcement from Matz that string literals would be frozen by default in Ruby 3.0. The link is to the minutes of the developers meeting then in Japan where this decision was reached.

Tenderlove takes over as maintainer for Rack this week in 2014

Here's the full announcement from this week six years ago when Tenderlove (Aaron Patterson) took over as the maintainer for Rack.

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