RubyFringe: the three-day, $650 Ruby party of 2008

Posted at 8:23 | 15 Jul. 2020

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RubyFringe, the three-day, $650 Ruby party in 2008

Looking through the annals of Ruby history, you see how things rise and fall, and it makes one quite sad sometimes. A big podcast fan, it tweaks my heart to see a podcast go on for 5-10 episodes then cease to exist. Additionally, conferences that seem to be a hit but are unable to continue for more than a short time. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if that will be the fate of some things I work on! But nothing can last forever. Perhaps RubyFringe hit the nail on the head with one expensive, attendee-oriented, sponsor-free three-day bash in 2008. It appears there was a cap at 150 attendees, with the first 75 paying $650 a ticket and the next paying a higher amount. (For those keeping score at home, that would be a $100,000 budget). Peter Cooper's RubyInside covered it pretty well and is our main link, but there are also some interesting links at an archive of the original page: here, and also a nice chunk about it on twitter at the time here (note: Jeff Atwood!) It was notorious at the time for apparently being not just expensive but a great all around Ruby party. Were you there? Write in and let me know what your experience was like if so, bonus points if you have any pictures or selfies!

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RSpec 3 Announced

We're still on RSpec 3.x today, which is a testament to this announcement *seven years ago* this week from Myron Marston about the plan for RSpec 3 as RSpec 2 was heading towards deprecation. Check it out!


High level languages, Ruby, garbage collection in 2006

Alright, if you have 10 minutes and actually want to put your nerd glasses on for a minute, this one is *great*. Here's an email from Rick Nooner in 2006 about when it's appropriate to use garbage collected languages like Ruby. These are debates that we rarely have or even think about now, particularly as computing power seems to be outpacing any programming language limitations. This is a fantastic discussion about the benefits of language that is useful to the programmer over unnecessary premature performance optimizations. Hope you enjoy!


SD Ruby Releases 100th Episode!

This week in 2011 SDRuby released it's 100th Episode! As a major podcast fan, I think this might be one of the longer running now-defunkt Ruby podcasts that you may *not* have heard of. If you give it a listen you may get some neat insight into the world of Ruby from 2009-2011 era!

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