Rails 1.0 turns 14! PastRubies #8

Posted at 16:14 | 12 Dec. 2019

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10 more features in Ruby 2.5

It's Christmas which means new Ruby time! But I think it's all too easy to forget the new features of recent versions so we can utilize the latest Ruby goodness! Here's a great writeup published this week in 2017 on those features in Ruby 2.5

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A pagination helper for Rails in 2004

Well would you look at that! A little cheeky banter between Ruby legends _why and DHH this week fifteen years ago. This is a neat little peek into Rails pagination in 2004, a year before 1.0 was released! (Yes, it's that old of a problem space)

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What are events, why you might care, and how EventMachine can help

This is a great little writeup on the EngineYard blog by Kirk Haines on events and event machine (published this week in 2011)


The 2005 Ruby Advent Calendar

Who remembers reading the Tucows blog back in the day? It was a massive source of info for Rubyists in the early coding days. Here's a glimpse into the Ruby Advent Calendar they were hosting in 2005 (note: the famous PeterC also had a few that may yet get featured this month!)

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Neat Ruby snippets 2004

Gosh, I haven't hustled through the RubyTalk archives yet... That changes this week! Here's a pleasant fifteen year old (this week) thread on interesting Ruby snippets that accomplish cool things. (We're talking servers in six lines)

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