Rails 3 Release Candidate Announced!

Posted at 8:23 | 20 Jul. 2022

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Rails 3 Release Candidate - A closer look

this week 12 years ago the release candidate for Rails 3 was announced. Wow - this was a monumental release and I can't help but thinking how far we've come since then. Strong parameters, ActiveStorage, ActionCable, Rails API mode, webpacker and back, and even Hotwire! But there's no doubting this was a big game-changing release for the Rails community. Click through and read through the exciting announcement here

Ruby 2 Keyword Arguments

On this week eight years ago Thoughtbot put out a fantastic blog talking about keyword arguments that were introduced in Ruby 2.0. Sometimes I take certain things for granted in our ecosystem, keyword arguments definitely is one of those things. Enjoy this great work from Ian C. Anderson!


Block and Lambda

I'm sorry. I really find it hard to go an issue without sharing some of the great discussions from Why The Lucky Stiff from back in the day. This week is now different. Today SEVENTEEEN years ago _why hosted a great summary and discussion about some of the debates around a new shared block and lambda syntax. If you want to geek out about blocks and lambdas, this is just what the doctor ordered.


Backgrounded - a background process wrapper in Ruby

This week thirteen years ago saw the initial fanfare for "backgrounded", which was an early background job framework. It provided a simple, elegant approach to invoking background jobs in ruby. Or as the author said in 2009: " I'm going to come right out and say it... Every ruby background job solution sucks. I've used a number of the popular libraries on various projects over the past year, and have yet to find one that "feels right". They took an incredibly complex problem and made and even more complex solution. It really shouldn't be this hard. All I want to do is take a unit of work from my model and kick it off into "magical background job land". I don't want to create separate "Worker" or "Job" classes which only exist to call back into my model object. If your background jobs are doing more work than that, you're doing something wrong! "