I'd Want to Work on Ruby When I Grow O-o-old

Posted at 8:23 | 15 Jun. 2022

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Matz is here to stay

During his talk this week fifteen years ago at RubyKaigi, Matz responded to questions about his future involvement in Ruby. As you can see, he's fully invested in this language! Slide deck in the link


Talks from LA Ruby 2009

This is a treat if you've got a day or weekend to kill, and a bunch of popcorn. Linked for your viewing pleasure are 14 talks from thirteen years ago this month at LA Ruby. Which one is your favorite?


14 year old Ruby Comic

Now for a bit of lolz, here's a popular comic that referenced ruby this week in 2008

The Problem with Rails Callbacks

I like to feature commentary and blogs here from time to time. Here's a good piece by Samuel Mullen talking about callbacks from this week in 2013.