When RubyKaigi tickets sold out in 60 minutes

Posted at 8:23 | 08 Jun. 2022

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When RubyKaigi tickets sold out in 60 minutes

It was June 2006. After a lot of work, the first ever RubyKaigi came onto the scene. Here we have a journal entry from none other than Why the Lucky Stiff, giving us all the juicy in-person details.


Speeding up Rails in Ruby 1.9.3

Okay, so it wasn't called Ruby 1.9.3 *yet* - but this week in 2011 Xavier Shay was showing off some impressive ruby improvements that saw some Rails apps enjoying a _30%_ speed boost. Wow!

code article

Rails Edge Docs - in 2007

There wasn't a formal Rails Edge docs site yet, but the folks at *caboo.se* put a little something together so folks could have a peek. This link will let you explore edge docs from this week fifteen years ago. Look around now and see if you notice anything surprising!

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Planet Argon 2016 Hosting survey

This week six years ago Planet Argon released their famous hosting survey. I won't spoil the surprises, you'll have to click through and see for yourself!