ActiveRecord is Released!

Posted at 8:23 | 01 Jun. 2022

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ActiveRecord is Released!

DHH was pretty excited about the 200 downloads activerecord got in its first week 18 years ago this week. In this long-forgotten corner of the internet we get a young DHH's reaction to the unveiling of this new gem that would unwittingly underpin billions of GDP's worth of ORMs.


ASCII to Midi Morse Conversion

This week seventeen years ago Daniel Berger dropped a link to some off-the-wall ruby scripts. And what's more, these were lost to the archives and not available on rubygems or github! So I'll share one with you (why not) - a ruby script that will convert your ASCII text to a midi morse file. The future is now.

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Ruby's birthplace is Japan, and I don't think we give enough love to historical Japanese content. This week we share a rails plugin from seventeen years ago, ActiveHeart! This gem sought to take english-default validation methods and translate them to Japanese (along with some other Japanese-friendly features)

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RubyManiac Quiz

This week in 2005, Ruby legend Koichi Sasada published this daily RubyManiac Quiz. Can you guess what it returns?