Ruby tools roundup

Posted at 8:23 | 12 Oct. 2021

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Ruby tools roundup

Now this is a treat. Here's a blog with a Ruby Tooling roundup thirteen years ago this week. See anything familiar? Anything new you'd like to discover?

Remember Merb?

This week in history we have a blog from Yehuda Katz talking about Merb and developments with it. If you aren't familiar with merb, you really should check it out! It has a big presence in the history of the ruby community.

RailsXLS is dead, long live RailsXLS?

RailsXLS let you write and render excel with rxls views. Nifty. It received new life this week in Ruby history. How do you render *your* excel?

Fragment caching tests

This week in history we also get to dig through a neat blog going over testing considerations for fragment caching. Some of these Rails strategies feel so new to me but really they've been around quite a while.