The second oldest Rails podcast?

Posted at 8:23 | 06 Oct. 2021

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The second oldest Rails podcast?

The first ever episode of the Ruby on Rails Podcast was published July 11, 2005. (And is still running today as the longest-ever ruby/rails podcast!) As an unofficial RubyHistory aficianado, it is *hard* sometimes to find old podcasts. 16+ year old audio files aren't guaranteed to be found. I believe this gem is the *second* oldest rails podcast you'll find. This week fourteen years ago saw the creation of the railsenvy podcast, with the fantastic Gregg Pollack and the late Jason Seifer <3. I can't get an audio file on the first podcast but if you go far enough forward (I can confirm for ep 75) the audio is still available! This resource was a great discovery for future RubyHistory research as they shared a *lot* of links to other resources in the community at the time. (This may help surface other big blogs and releases that I don't currently have archived).

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String#chars comes one step closer to being a thing in 2006

We take String#chars as so fundamental it's hard to believe there was a time when it was unavailable in STDLIB, let alone Rails. (Who else loves the quiz where you have to guess what methods are Rails and what are Ruby?) But this week in 2006 it came one step closer with the introduction into rails. For those keeping score at home `chars` became official in Ruby 1.8.7_72.

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DHH reflects on RubyConf 2004

RubyConf 2004 was big, and it happened this week seventeen years ago. DHH reflects on the conference here.

Matz is on a Plane, Weighing Dots and Arrows

Why do I share so much _why here? Well, if you count other blogging sites, for about 7 years he was the Herodotus of his time. Not only did he frequently blob about community happenings and link elsewhere; but he actually blogged about rubytalk debates! RubyTalk is *deep* - and confession - it's so deep that I don't even parse it for this newsletter. Though I imagine if it kicks around for a couple years, I could probably fill a few more decades of issues just focusing on RubyTalk. (and RailsTalk) Anyway, here's a nice commentary about a ruby debate happening this week in 2005, and Matz's oath to solve it on the plane while flying to a conference.