Speeding Up Rails with Aaron Patterson - Past Rubies #6

Posted at 11:20 | 24 Jul. 2019

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Speeding Up Rails with Aaron Patterson (2014-07-24)

We lead this week with a great 2014 talk from Tenderlove on work being undertaken at the time to speed up Rails and a look at what we can do to improve our app benchmarking. Timeless!

rails benchmarks

We got our Shoes (2007-07-30)

Unceremoniously, _why unveiled his landmark library Shoes to the world twelve years ago this week! I don't know about you, but some of the most fun I had in my early days was building GUI native apps for my Mac in Shoes. Maybe it's time to go back....

code release guide

Playing Music with Ruby on Bells (2008-07)

Hey, who says you have to be a Java pro to play with Arduino? Since at least 2008 we've had these fantastic projects using Ruby to operate hardware, as seen in this video of the Ruby on Bells project. To see the code and the walkthrough, check out the explainer here.

ruby other

Old School Tabbed Navigation (2006-07-23)

We may be used to throwing up tabbed navigation with Bootstrap or any other major libraries today, check out a Ruby approach to tabbed navigation from thirteen years ago this week.

code guide

My Favorite Parts of Ruby (2018-07-19)

Wrapping up this week with another "one year ago" more recent segment, we are honored to share Ilya Bylich's fantastic post going over their favorite ruby bits. This is definitely an article that you want your IRB open for. See you next week!

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