Running every version of Ruby ever released with All-Ruby

Posted at 8:23 | 29 Sep. 2021

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Running every version of Ruby ever released with All-Ruby

Now this is a real treat. I love digging into old Ruby, and I think if you do to, I will occasionally share with you pertinent tooling in this area. As you know, I recently spoke about Ruby Archaeology at Ruby Kaigi. Afterwords this tool, that only has 50 stars on Github (let's change that!), was shared with me. It's heavily used in Japan and called All-Ruby. It let's you run *every single version of Ruby that has ever been released*. I'm not joking! All the way back to 0.49. Use it well, and go have fun!


_why interviews Nobuyoshi Nakada

I love this. Nakada has been a Ruby core committer since 1999 and was awarded Ruby Hero status in 2015. Enjoy this interview from 2005.


Strong Parameters Introduced

This week in 2012 folks were all excited and talking about the merge of strong_parameters into Rails edge branch. This feature replaced `attr_accessible`.

code rails

Given: A new Ruby specification framework from Jim Weirich

This week in 2009 Jim Weirich was actively hacking on a new ruby spec framework. He wanted to take much of the Given-Then-When style folks had gotten used to in cucumber. I've intentionally linked this to the exact commit from the time so you can browse the files as they were then.