Ruby Multithreading

Posted at 8:23 | 22 Sep. 2021

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Ruby's multithreading: on processes and threads

In 2007 this week Manuel Holtgrewe authored a fantastic blog post digging into processes and threading in Ruby. Does it inspire any thoughts/queries about how we approach this today? 🤔 (Note: If you are reading this in the newsletter and not archived elsewhere, you're always welcome to reply to these emails. I do get them! If anyone has a thought provoking comment or question about something shared I might include it in an upcoming issue!)


Matz talks about Ruby 3.0 in 2015

This week six years ago Matz spoke at FullstackFest and dug through the upcoming work on Ruby 3.0 (which we very much enjoy now today). It makes you think about what priorities or goals have shifted over the last six years. Great talk!


SOLID Principles: Timeless

Ten years ago this week Gregory Browne published this blog post on SOLID design principles. SOLID first came to us in a paper in 2000 and since grew in popularity; being introduced to many in the Ruby Community by Sandi Metz. Gregory's discussion here is a helpful walkthrough of his work and experience with the principles; and is very applicable these days.

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Ruby 1.9.3 Preview Released

Peter Cooper has been, and will often be, mentioned in work I do. I see him as the Herodotus of Ruby history. Many have come and gone, but Peter was there documenting Ruby happenings in 2005 and is still doing so with RubyWeekly today. (Have you subscribed to that yet? If not, you should). ANYWAY, here's Peter's fantastic breakdown ten years ago this week about Ruby 1.9.3, 1.9.4, 2.0.0 and the expected changes. Check it out!