Indexing database columns in 2009

Posted at 8:23 | 14 Sep. 2021

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Indexing Rails DB columns, better, in 2009

This is a fun set of scripts you could use on Rails 2. This uses the common flow of the time of `rails plugin install`. After running `rake db:find_query_indexes` you would receive a migration displayed telling you what indices you "ought" to have. Cool!


#yerdoinitwrong with Bryan Liles

Also in this week in 2009, Liles dropped a new video podcast series called, well, "yerdoinitwrong". Here is the first video released talking about tailing and logging in Rails.

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The Humble Little Ruby Book

This week in 2006 Jeremy McAnally (also known as Mr. Neighborly) released the Humble Little Ruby Book. This was a real treat to stumble upon as it's a book from the era that I do not have. Do you have a copy or have you read it? If so, email back!

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RailsRumble 2012 announced

Holy cow, RailsRumble. Remember that? There's a few repos sitting out there somewhere with my hacking. I think one was a tracker that you could drop an amazon product into and get notifications for certain pricepoints. Anyway - this week in 2012 the latest RailsRumble of the time was announced! Let's see if we can navigate our way through some cool entries.

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