Github: Scaling on Ruby with a nomadic tech team

Posted at 8:23 | 02 Sep. 2020

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Github: Scaling on Ruby, with a nomadic tech team

Github is one of my favorite Ruby scaling stories (along with Shopify!). In this article they talk about their experiences up to this week in 2015.


Proposal for a new Ruby concurrency model

This proposal and slidedeck came out this week on the heels of Ruby Kaigi 2016.


Turn your Android phone into a remote spy camera in 15 minutes (with Ruby)

A full *decade* ago this week this nifty little tongue-in-cheek guide/article came out... I wonder how much of this you could get away with now...


Ruby Committers using Basecamp!

This week in 2005, _why noted that core committer work was being dished out by Matz on basecamp. I wonder how long that lasted? Would love some additional info from DHH and Matz on this era.