What to expect in Ruby 1.9 (2008)

Posted at 8:23 | 12 Aug. 2020

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Ruby 1.9: What to Expect

This here's a great slide deck from Sam Ruby at OSCON 2008 detailing what folks during this week twelve years ago could expect in Ruby 1.9.


Understanding Ruby Symbols

This was a very popular blog post on the Gluttonous blog that came out this week in 2005. The detailed discussion about symbols was so popular it ended up being translated into Spanish and Korean! Be sure to check out the comments at the bottom for and extra treat.


Running Camping on the JVM!

Wait, you've never heard of *Camping*? How dare you! Camping is a core part of Ruby history knowledge, a nice and quirky lightweight web framework from the times of _why. Check it out! Here's a post from this week in 2006 using the library with JRuby.


The Least Surprised #7

Let's wrap up this week with an eclectic comic from our favorite historical Rubyist.