Matz speaks at OSCON

Posted at 8:23 | 05 Aug. 2020

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Matz speaks at OSCON 2005 - and we have the slides!

I love a good conference. A win is finding the speakers list, but it's so hard to get content from 15+ years ago. We're very lucky that there's an archive of Matz's slides from his talk in OSCON 2005 and we have them here to share with you! Enjoy! Note - youtube would have only been a few months old at this point, so "uploading to youtube" would have been an unlikely expectation at this point.


2014's Ruby Web Benchmark Report

I love a good benchmark because its data stands the test of time. We can compare current frameworks and Ruby versions to these old standards! This week six years ago so a nice hearty benchmark from Brian Knapp. Enjoy those numbers!

opinion benchmarks

Ruby-prof turns 15 years old!

We can't believe it! After 14 years of active development and love, ruby-prof released 1.0 one year ago this week. That means our beloved ruby-prof is now 15! Congratulations and thank you to all the OSS maintainers over the years

release release

More OSCON 2005 fun

I can't help myself. OSCON 2005 was so amazing I'm referencing it three times in two weeks! Here is the late and great Jim Weirich's talk details for "10 Things Every Java Programmer Should Know About Ruby". For even MORE fun, here are the available additional bits of information for all other speakers that I could find.