Building a Ruby Gem with Steve Klabnik - Past Rubies #5

Posted at 14:29 | 17 Jul. 2019

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Building a Ruby Gem with Steve Klabnik (2014-07-10)

Half-a-decade-ago this week famous Rubyist Steve Klabnik put together a fantastic guide for building a Rubygem. If you've built many gems or never ventured into this territory before, it really is a fantastic read.

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Getting Your Feet Wet With Ruby on Rails (2005-07-15)

Paul Adams, then columnist for webmonkey (if you remember that!), walks us through setting up a Ruby on Rails application this week in 2005. Once in a while we give you a really good peek into the past, this article does not disappoint!

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How to Build a Ruby on Rails Engine (2006-07-14)

I'm sure you've heard about the benefits of using Rails engines to extend your Rails superpowers and also how well they mesh with Rails gem development. Enjoy this fantastic guide that came out this week in 2006 on just how to get it done.

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Another Great Ruby Shootout (2010-07-19)

Remember when we shared that 'Ruby Shootout' article about a month ago? Well, here was a July 2010 version, showing how the various Rubies on different hardware compared agains each other. Neat!

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Redcloth 4.0 Released (2008-07-17)

Ah, RedCloth, the Ruby gem for converting good ol' Textile into HTML. This is a gem we've gotten to see used a lot parsing through our resources for PastRubies. Well, eleven years ago this week it got its last major release (though there have been further releases since)